She's Ready Program

She's Ready Program

The She’s Ready Program is a ground-breaking, cutting edge initiative that provides women ongoing, individualized support as they navigate their political leadership journey. Studies suggest that it takes women between three to four years from deciding they want to seek a political leadership position to actually declaring their candidacy or applying for a board or commission appointment. As organizations across the country are mobilizing and preparing women for political leadership, the She’s Ready Program ensures these women stay connected and supported during this intervening time.

In partnership with She Should Run, this pilot program offers a personalized, concierge experience where women meet one-on-one with ReflectUS staff, devise a personalized political leadership plan, and commit to periodic check-ins. Throughout this process, ReflectUS connects them with national, state and local organizations and resources that will help guide and support their journey.

The She’s Ready Program leads to our ultimate goal of accelerating Women’s Political Leadership!

ReflectUS Role:
Connect and Accelerate

  • ReflectUS works within the cross-partisan 501(c)(3) framework to provide resources for women ready to begin their political leadership journey.
  • As the national, cross-partisan Coalition, we are uniquely positioned to connect women to organizations and resources specific to their needs.
  • The She’s Ready Program is set to expand and serve all women interested in political leadership by the end of 2022.
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