Our Work

Ensuring Success: What Happens After Women Win

An issue brief discussing the challenges elected women face and recommendations for ways to reduce or eliminate these barriers. 

20+ Years of Research: What Women Candidates Need to Know

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation compiled over 20 years of research to help women overcome the obstacles met by many when running for political office.

Dallas County Women History Makers

A historical timeline of influential women leadership in Dallas County.

Boards and Commissions Guides

Discover how you can get involved in your local boards and commissions—find available positions, appointment timelines, applications, and how to apply, here!

Lessons from Campaigning in the Time of COVID-19

An issue brief on women candidates and the challenges they faced during the current global pandemic.

Women's Historic Footprint

A historical timeline of influential women leadership.

Women's Political Leadership Around the World​

An issue brief on the comparison between women’s political representation in the United States and Abroad.

2020 Voter Guidelines

Learn more about your state’s guidelines for early voting deadlines (absentee, mail-in ballot, and in-person) in this quick reference of voter information from all 50 states and Washington D.C.

YouTube Channel

Did you miss our last event? Check out our YouTube Channel for recordings of events and more!

Coalition Members' Work

Represent Women

July 2020 Report: RepresentWomen examines the history, impact, and future opportunities for ranked choice voting in the United States.

RepresentWomen released their latest report, PACs and Donors: Agents of Change for Women’s Representation, exploring the rate at which PACS and donors fund women candidates.

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