12/30/2020 | Medium

Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World: Amanda Pohl

12/12/2020 | New York Times

Biden Faces Intense Pressure From All Sides as He Seeks Diverse Cabinet

11/27/2020 | New York Times

How a Brooklyn Sisterhood of Black Women Became National Power Brokers

11/23/2020 | ReflectUS

ReflectUS Announces the Inaugural “It Begins Here” Fellowship Program

11/19/2020 | New York Times

Presidential Transition: Georgia Nears Its Recount Deadline, With Biden Ahead by Over 12,000 Votes

11/16/2020 | San Francisco Chronicle

Plenty of strong Asian American leaders to succeed Kamala Harris in Senate

11/9/2020 | NBC News

With Harris as VP, South Asian women see an opening into politics

11/7/2020 | Boston Globe

‘A beautiful thing:’ Kamala Harris breaks the White House glass ceiling and makes history

11/7/2020 | ReflectUS

ReflectUS Congratulates Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

11/6/2020 | Electorette Podcast

ReflectUS CEO 2020 Post Election Coverage

11/6/2020 | NBC News

More women than ever before were elected to Congress — Here are their historic ‘firsts’

11/6/2020 | CBS News

A record number of women expected to serve in U.S. Congress in 2021

11/6/2020 | NBC News

Marilyn Strickland’s Black and Korean American roots are historic 1st for Congress

11/5/2020 | USA Today

Women are making gains toward ‘equal representation’ in Congress: They’ll represent about 30% of all seats in 2021

11/4/2020 | NY Times

In Ascendant Night for Congressional Republicans, Women Led the Way

11/4/2020 | The Hill

New Mexico elects all women of color to House delegation for first time

10/29/2020 | Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA)

Virtual Town Hall: Fighting Inequality Outside the US: Lessons Learned From Abroad

9/24/2020 | Univision

Estamos votando más que los hombres”: la importancia de la participación femenina en las elecciones

9/4/2020 | Univision

El empoderamiento electoral Latino

8/26/2020 | Univision

Se cumple un siglo desde que las mujeres pueden ejercer su derecho al voto en EEUU, ¿cómo se logró?

8/24/2020 | Univision

Estamos votando más que los hombres”: la importancia de la participación femenina en las elecciones

8/20/2020 | USA Today

Harris’ multicultural story resonates with me, nomination gives Asian American women voice

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