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About ReflectUS

ReflectUS is a national, cross partisan coalition that accelerates and maximizes the collective impact of Coalition members, people, and organizations working to expand political leadership of, by, and for all women.

ReflectUS Coalition National Impact

The ReflectUS Coalition has reached hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S. Here is a map showing where our Coalition members are working most deeply.

Our History

How We Started

In 2016, several of the leading women’s representation organizations met to discuss forming a coalition. These organizations had been working across the country, serving diverse communities and pursuing different strategies. Yet, these women knew that by combining forces, they could accelerate progress toward gender parity in our political system.
ReflectUS was created to do just that.
Since that time, ReflectUS has engaged with over 150,000 women across geographic, racial and ideological lines. Our work encompasses capacity building, training, networking and institutional change.

"In 2016, leaders in the women’s representation movement came together, realizing we’d never achieve gender parity in political leadership unless we worked together. By combining all of our resources, we hope to build national solidarity and accelerate women's representation across the country".

Anne Moses, Founder & President of IGNITE

The Challenge

Women by the Numbers

One hundred years after women won the right to vote, they remain severely under-represented at all levels of government. Here are some key figures.


State-Wide Executives

86 women hold statewide elective executive offices across the country; women hold 27.6% of the 312 available positions.


State Legislative

2,129 or 28.8%, of the 7,383 state legislators in the United States are women.


Congress members

Women hold 127, or 23.7%, of seats in Congress.

Women have spoken, and our voices are being heard.

ReflectUS Coalition events bring expert women from a variety of backgrounds and fields to your screen for capacity-building and in-depth conversations on the issues impacting women’s political leadership.

Here from our Coalition members below.

The Solution

Accelerating Representation

The ReflectUS Coalition bridges traditional women’s representation efforts by building solidarity to create institutional change and capacity-building efforts towards accelerated gender parity in political leadership.

Our Network

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