Representation for All

Our Mission

ReflectUS is a nonpartisan coalition working to increase the number of women in office and achieve equal representation across the racial, ideological, ethnic, and geographic spectrum in the United States.

Our Vision

ReflectUS seeks to accelerate, influence, and inspire a paradigm shift of political leadership.

We trust women.
We engage across the political spectrum.
We work in accountability with diverse women.
We amplify the collective.
We mobilize women to lead cultural shifts and create structural change.

Meet Our Team


I look forward to working with the many partners and organizations committed to expediting equal representation of women in public office in our lifetime. Women are stepping into their political power and I'm excited that ReflectUS is leading the way by modeling the power of collective action.

Tiffany Gardner, CEO


I am honored to join ReflectUS to help elevate the voices and increase the representation of women across the country. This unified, nonpartisan approach is a powerful step towards transforming national dynamics and our futures.

Laura Gosa, CFO/COO


As a First Generation, Mexican American, I am so thankful to be joining this team. ReflectUS has taken nine amazing organizations and brought them together to create change. I am thrilled to be able to bring the resources our Partners offer to Dallas County and help women succeed.

Cecilia Silva, Dallas Program Manager

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