ReflectUS Congratulates Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

In response to the historic number of women elected to office after the election results, including the first woman Vice President-elect of the United States, CEO Tiffany Gardner, Board Chairperson Madalene Mielke and members of the ReflectUS Coalition, a national nonpartisan coalition of women’s organizations working to increase the number of women in office, released the following statement:

“What we see after Tuesday’s election is that women can win and are winning in record numbers, even to the second-highest office in our nation,” said Gardner. “ReflectUS was built for this time – to bring together leading women’s representation groups from across the ideological, racial, ethnic, and geographic spectrum to support women who aspire to one day lead through an elected position. As this is the centennial year of the 19th amendment, the significance of the election of Kamala Harris as Vice President-elect – a Black, South Asian woman – isn’t lost on us.”

“Senator Kamala Harris’ win as Vice President-elect is monumental for the young women that IGNITE encourages to run for office,” said Anne Moses, ReflectUS Coalition member and President and Founder of IGNITE. “Harris proves that women can run and win one of the highest offices in the land. Her win is also a big win for IGNITE women as we continue to build a pipeline of young women to become the next generation of political leaders.”

ReflectUS Board Chairperson and President and CEO of Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Madalene Mielke said, “This election is historic for women – especially women of color who ran in record numbers and now see Vice President-elect Kamala Harris representing them as a woman and as a South Asian and Black woman. ReflectUS is poised and ready to stand with elected women to accelerate gender parity in political leadership.”

The number of women running for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate have broken previous records with a total of 583 women running for Representative seats and a total of 60 women running for Senate. The next U.S. Congress will have a record number of female members.

“A record number of women have won their elections this past Tuesday, especially conservative women. They are paving the way for many more women to see themselves as qualified candidates,” said Larissa Martinez, President of Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN). “Even though women have barriers to taking these higher offices, the women elected on this past election day demonstrate that those obstacles can be overcome.”